Runs With Needles: July 2006

Runs With Needles

Monday, July 31, 2006

Finally, relief.

A storm rolled in earlier this evening. It's now 57 degrees. It feels so wonderful. Especially since my thermometer looked like this yesterday:

July 30, 2006

Just before the storm rolled in the sunset looked like this:


And when the storm started (it was LOUD), I was suddenly very popular:

Three Stooges

The blankets are coming along nicely:

Log Cabin #2

Log Cabin

At work today, my boss gave me this for a job well done:


Hmmmm....I wonder what I'm going to buy......

Any guesses? (Blogless MJ - You may not guess!)

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Sky for Saturday

Pikes Peak with clouds building

And last night's sunset:

Summer sunset

Today at knit group Blogless MJ loaned me one of her super cool needles for the morning. These needles are as wonderful as everyone says they are.

The join is perfect (hard to believe they're interchangable), the needles did not unscrew from the cord and the cords are far superior to both the Denise needles and the Needlemaster.

MJ had never knit with this cord before and there was no memory at all. No kinking, no stiffness, no nothing; just a perfect cord that did everything I wanted it to. (On another note: MJ let me break in her brand new needles! Is there a higher sign of love from a fellow knitter?)

My favorite part of the needles is the point. It is perfectly pointy. Picking up stitches on the Log Cabin Blanket was a piece of cake.

Log Cabin Blanket

Also at knit group this morning, Blogless Ellen gave me a charm for my crocs.

croc jewelry

Thank you, Ellen!

I think Kishka is trying to get a job as a model:


I wish she would. My dogs deserve a stay at home mom.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Completely out of ideas for a title.

I sat still tonight long enough to make some progress on Log Cabin #2:

Log Cabin #2

I actually had an enjoyable drive home from work, snapping pictures along the way:

Evening summer sky.

Wildflowers along the highway

Evening summer sky

Tonight's sunset didn't disappoint:

Summer sunset

However, Kishka is not impressed:


A slight tangent

I usually keep this blog politics free, but every so often, I just can't keep quiet.

The death penalty is a controversial topic. I've always been in favor it.

This is why.

Someone like that does not deserve to live.

Torture isn't legal, so I believe someone like that should die.

The knitting chat and photos will resume; probably later on today.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Slow and steady.

I want to thank everyone who responded to my request a couple days ago for feedback. I appreciate all the comments. The theme seems to be that pictures and regular posting are the key ingredients for a good blog. I think I do okay with the pictures, and will start posting more regularly. Any additional comments would also be appreciated.

And now, on to your regularly scheduled blog post....

I'm a fidgety person. I always have been. One reason I picked up knitting again was to tame the fidgetiness. Most of the time, it works.

Lately, though, I've been fidgeting more that usual and can't sit still long enough to knit. As a result, the first Log Cabin is at a standstill and Log Cabin #2 is only this far:

Log Cabin #2

Summer afternoons are usually stormy in Colorado and today proved to be no exception. I snapped these pics on my drive home from work..

Here's Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak:

Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak

There's Cheyenne Mountain off in the distance:

Cheyenne Mountain

And a little closer to home:

Summer storm

Monday, July 24, 2006


I was fiddling with the blog today and noticed that I've made 202 posts. 202! How on earth did I manage that?

Shortly after I took up knitting again back in the Fall of 2004, I discovered knitting blogs and was hooked. This led to starting this blog a few months later.

I started this blog for myself, to record the details of my knitting projects.

I never expected that anyone would read this blog and I expected to lose interest in it quickly.

Fast forward 17 months and I was wrong on both accounts:

I have a handful of regular readers and I haven't lost interest in posting. This blog has become a valuble resource for me. I often refer to old posts to see what yarn, needle size, etc. that I used on a particular project.

This blog has also led me to wonderful people I have 'met' in this always entertaining world of knit blogging. Reading other blogs inspires me, makes me smile and often makes me think about life and the world a little differently.

All this rambling is leading to something. I promise.

My blogging has become more interactive than I ever expected. After almost 18 months, I'm feeling a bit repetitive, a bit predictable. At times, I'm bored with myself.

So, I ask you, the readers of this blog, these questions:

What do you like about my blog? What do you dislike?

What do you enjoy seeing? Is there anything you never want to see again? Is there anything you want to see, but haven't?

Thank you for indulging my narcissistic request. I look forward to your responses.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Log Cabin-ing Along

The logs on the first Log Cabin are so long that there's not much visible progress:

Log Cabin #2

(CD is for size comparison.)

Log Cabin #2 is shaping up nicely. I'm still not sure if my color plan is going to work. I think it will, but it's still a bit to early to know for sure.

Log Cabin Blanket

Saturday, July 22, 2006

"The summer night is like a perfection of thought." - -- Wallace Stevens

There's a cool breeze wafting in through the window; I'm listening to podcasts, surfing the web and Samantha is sleeping with her head on my feet. Does life get any better than this?

Today started with knit group and this morning we met downtown. That's where I took my Saturday Sky picture:

Morning sky

At group this morning, Blogless MJ finally finished binding off her shawl. She has over 1200 stitches and was doing an i-cord bind off. It took her over a week to do the bind off, but it was worth it:


The picture doesn't do it justice. This shawl is absolutely gorgeous.

I worked on the Log Cabin Blanket this morning:

Log Cabin Blanket

While knitting this morning, a minor tragedy occured:

broken cable

Yes, that is a Denise needle cable that snapped. After a bit lot of cursing, Blogless MJ lent me a needle so I could continue. Thank you, MJ!!

I've also been knitting on a new project:

Log Cabin #2!

Yes, the obsession continues. Right now, Log Cabin #2 looks very similar to the original. It's not, though. It's going to be totally different.

For both of these blankets, I'm picking the color sequence by using the random number generator. I may eventually plan out a color pattern for a Log Cabin Blanket, but for now I'm enjoying the random method.

I'll leave you with tonight's sunset:


Friday, July 21, 2006

Friday, finally.

I'm home from work having my telephone line repaired, so I thought I'd do Friday’s Feast.

Fill in the blanks: I ____________ when I _____________.

I am very loud when I laugh.

Name something you use to make your home smell good.

Vinegar and scented candles. I place bowls of vinegar out when the house starts to smell 'doggy'. I also have scented candles on the candle warmer almost every night.

If you could receive a coupon in the mail for 50% off any product, what would you want it to be for?

Yarn. Duh.

Main Course
Besides sleeping, what do you spend the majority of the hours of your typical day doing?

During the week: working on the computer. On the weekend: knitting and just putzing around the house.

What can you hear right now while answering these questions?

The hum of the window AC unit, CNN updating me on all the depressing news in the world and the phone guy pounding on something outside.

I'm heading into work as soon as the repair is done, so no time for pictures. The Log Cabin continues to grow (I'm just going to knit it until I think it looks finished) and a new project appeared on the needles last night. Hmmmm....I wonder what it is...........

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Summertime and the knitting is easy (and still addictive).

It seems like every knitblogger out there is bitching about the heat. It's the same here in Colorado.

In my house, a sure sign of oppressive heat is a glazed look in the eyes:

Glassy eyed Kishka

The Log Cabin continues...........

Log cabin blanket

The logs are getting quite long, but I'm not minding it at all. I'm on a classic movie binge and the long garter rows are perfect movie knitting. In the past week I'm watched Gone With The Wind, Casablanca, and Key Largo.

Next up is To Have and Have Not.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Summer sky

Saturday sky 071506

When most people think of Colorado, they think of the mountains. I think the plains are pretty spectacular, too:

Saturday sky 071506

And the log cabin obsession continues....


Thursday, July 13, 2006

It's hopeless.

With apologies to the late Robert Palmer .........

The lights are on, and I'm at home
My mind is not my own
My heart sweats, my body shakes
Another row is what it takes
I can't sleep, I can't eat
There's no doubt, I'm in deep
My throat is tight, I can't breathe
Another row is all I need

Whoa, I like to think that I'm immune to the stuff, oh yeah
It's closer to the truth to say I can't get enough
I know I'm gonna have to face it, I'm addicted to this......

Log Cabin Blanket

I hate to sound like a broken record, but I love this blanket! It's so much fun!

Kirsti hit the nail on the head with this comment: "... and I can understand the addiction - just one more strip, right?"

That's exactly it. Every night I just can't go to bed until I finish a log and start the next one. I'm doing the colors randomly and I just have to see what the next color will be before I can get any sleep.

This blanket is perfect TV knitting. I love knitting socks, but they require a bit more attention than this project. I've been getting caught up on some documentries and old movies I have on Tivo.

I'm also planning my next log cabin blanket in my head.

If I could knit socks with one hand and knit a log cabin with the other hand, my life would be perfect.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


You are an obsession
I cannot sleep
I am a posession
Unopened at your feet
There is no balance
No equality
Be still
I will not accept defeat

Log Cabin Blanket

Thank you for all the compliments on this blanket. The yarn is Cotton-Ease. I have ten colors and will be using them all!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Falling on my head like a memory.

Here comes the rain again:


I've been bitten by the Log Cabin bug:

Log Cabin Blanket

I am positively obsessed with this blanket. It's so much fun!!

The Shepherds are not impressed:



Kishka is only mildly interested:


Saturday, July 08, 2006

Saturday Sky, and some knitting

It's another grey day here:

View from home.

We're had an unusual string of grey/rainy days lately. The last string like this I can remember was in 1999. It's a nice break from our usual summer weather of hot and dry.

Lots of grey sky

The sock is coming along nicely:


I'm going to be starting another project, hopefully this weekend. I've been reading blogs and planning it out in my head. You might say I'm obsessed.

Grey Day

Kishka has the right idea on what to do today:


Thursday, July 06, 2006

Storm on the prairie.

Another severe thunderstorm rolled through here this evening. Just before the rain started, I took this picture, looking southwest:


Once the rain stopped, the storm had moved on to the east:






I was working on the new sock:

frogged sock

And decided that I didn't like it:

frogged yarn

I started another sock with this yarn, but forgot to take a picture.