Runs With Needles: April 2006

Runs With Needles

Monday, April 17, 2006

Fire, knitting and the furry beasts.

In most parts of the country, April showers bring May flowers.

In Colorado, lack of showers brings wildfires. There were at least three wildfires burning around here today.

Here are some shots of what the sky looked like when I got home:
smoky skies to the east
smoky skies to the west

It looks cloudy, but that’s smoke.

My second cuff down sock is coming along nicely:
cuff down

And, Christy taught me toe up socks!
Toe up sock #1

I’m using yarn that Brie gave me. I love this yarn!

yarn from Brie

Also new on the needles is the Spring Blanket:
Spring Blanket

Most of my knitting these days is focused on squares for Grace:

I’m really enjoying making these quick little projects. I love experimenting with different yarns, needles sizes and patterns. These are all made out of cotton or wool yarn and size 7 or 8 needles. I’m using some patterns I’ve found on the web and making some up as I go along.

Tomorrow my knitting buddy Felicia is having surgery. If you have a minute, could you stop by and wish her well? Thank you.

I’ll end this post with some adorable (if I do say so myself) puppy pictures. Don’t you just love it when dogs sleep all cuddled up together?

Gorgeous Sam

entwined dog feet

Max sleeping on Kish

Kish hiding face by Max

Sheps again

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Friday: the loveliest word in the world.

It's Friday! It's been awhile since I did this, so let's Feast!

What movie soundtracks do you own?
Just one: Somewhere In Time

How much cash do you usually carry with you?
Less than $5. I'm a debit card girl.

Are you more comfortable around men or women? Why?
I think I'm equally comfortable with men and women. However, I tend to get along better with men. The notable exception to this is the lovely ladies in my knit group. I get along with them so well, it's almost scary.

Main Course
What is the most mischievous thing you remember doing as a child?
Lots of stuff and it all involved getting my older brother in trouble.

Who is the funniest member of your family?
My brother. We have a very similar sense of humor and he can almost always make me laugh until I cry.

Spring has sprung here in Colorado. The days are warm and sunny with that Colorado blue sky that George Strait sings about and the evenings are just as pleasant. Last night I sat outside on the back steps and knit in the moonlight. The world was still and sleeping (it was late, around midnight), the dogs were roaming the yard and the moon gave just enough light for me to see my stitches. It was perfect.

I have no pictures today. I've taken lots of pictures (of both knitting and puppies) lately but haven't downloaded them yet. There are several new projects on the needles (and two have already come off the needles!), but I'll wait until the weekend to share them. I haven't been sleeping this week and need to get to bed.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Finally, it's finished!

The Touch of Red Blanket is finished!!

Touch of Red Blanket

And another view of it with Parker checking it out.

Touch of Red blanket and Parker

Touch of Red Blanket
Yarn: Unknown acrylic from my Warm The World stash.
Needles: 5 and 15.
Pattern:Ruffled Garter Baby Blanket. I modified this pattern by using size 5 and 15 needles and doing 10 rows in each needle size, instead of 7 rows.
Lesson Learned: None. I still love this pattern! It's perfect for TV watching.
Destination: Warm The World

Max says.....

Max thought beautiful

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

This space intentionally left blank.

I'm totally blank when it comes to a post title, so I'll distract you with puppy pictures:


sleeping Max


No second sock syndrome around here!


My progress is slower on this sock because I've been spreading my knitting love around. I tried knitting monogamy, but it wasn't for me. I'm more of a Big Love kind of knitter.

The Touch of Red Blanket is almost finished:

touch of red

I also started another pinwheel blanket:

awful pinwheel

However, it looks like ass. It will be frogged and restarted soon. It looks okay in the picture, but in person it looks like crap. Seriously. It looks like I was drunk when I knit this. That would be a good excuse, but sadly, I was stone cold sober.

Max, however, does not look sober:

funny Max

Where I knit:

I've seen this on several other blogs and thought I would join the fun. With the exception of knit group, all of my knitting is done here:

knit spot

The corner of my couch is the perfect area for knitting. My laptop and remote are close at hand. Kishka is by my side and the Shepherds are at my feet.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Another sock! And some stash enhancement.

One week = one sock!


And, it fits!

top of sock

bottom of sock

This one is 58 stitches and the heel on 29.

This morning at knit group, Christy arrived with a 'metric assload' (direct quote from her) of her hand dyed yarn.

Did I succumb to temptation?

....really........ there any question?........

.....I think you know me well enough to figure it out.....

Of course!!!

new crack

And, a close up:

yarn close up

When I arrived home, I decided that all of my Crazy Monkey yarn should live together. I had no clue how much of it I have:

all monkey yarn

Ah.....the Monkey Yarn stash!

monkey stash