Runs With Needles: Obsession

Runs With Needles

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


You are an obsession
I cannot sleep
I am a posession
Unopened at your feet
There is no balance
No equality
Be still
I will not accept defeat

Log Cabin Blanket

Thank you for all the compliments on this blanket. The yarn is Cotton-Ease. I have ten colors and will be using them all!

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It just keeps getting better... and I can understand the addiction - just one more strip, right?

By Blogger Kirsti, at July 12, 2006 9:29 PM  

Yes, it does look great!!!

You know we will all be making these soon at KWA. but I am trying to hold out till fall and cooler weather!!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at July 13, 2006 5:29 PM  

Looks great. I love the brightness of the blanket.

By Anonymous Brie, at July 14, 2006 12:36 PM  

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