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Runs With Needles

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

This space intentionally left blank.

I'm totally blank when it comes to a post title, so I'll distract you with puppy pictures:


sleeping Max


No second sock syndrome around here!


My progress is slower on this sock because I've been spreading my knitting love around. I tried knitting monogamy, but it wasn't for me. I'm more of a Big Love kind of knitter.

The Touch of Red Blanket is almost finished:

touch of red

I also started another pinwheel blanket:

awful pinwheel

However, it looks like ass. It will be frogged and restarted soon. It looks okay in the picture, but in person it looks like crap. Seriously. It looks like I was drunk when I knit this. That would be a good excuse, but sadly, I was stone cold sober.

Max, however, does not look sober:

funny Max

Where I knit:

I've seen this on several other blogs and thought I would join the fun. With the exception of knit group, all of my knitting is done here:

knit spot

The corner of my couch is the perfect area for knitting. My laptop and remote are close at hand. Kishka is by my side and the Shepherds are at my feet.

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I love the touch of red blanket and a great start to your socks too!


By Blogger Ruinwen, at April 05, 2006 3:50 AM  

You're' watching Big Love, too? I can barely wait to get home from work on Sunday nights to catch that show! I love Bill Paxton, and boy-- who would want to be a sister wife? Jeanne Tripplehorn's character is my favorite, though- Chole is doing a great job as #2 wife.

Sigh. My marriage was difficult enough, there is no way I could ever dream of being in a marriage with two or three extra women.

Unless, they do all the chores so I can knit!


By Blogger Felicia, at April 05, 2006 9:06 AM  

Wow. You ARE obsessed with socks, aren't you!
So glad you're back! Good to see the puppies, too...

By Blogger KnitNana, at April 05, 2006 12:29 PM  

It looks indeed like a comfortable spot to knit. I can't see anything wrong with that pinwheel blanket, but if you don't like it I totally understand. I've felt like a perfectionist on a few occasions too.

By Blogger Pioggia, at April 07, 2006 2:20 PM  

Whoa.... your blog allowed me to comment this time!!! Much leave a lengthy comment as who knows when I'll be allowed back in again!! hehe

First.... pinwheel does not look like ass. You so crack me up! Touch of Red is lovely, the kids are very cute and don't get me started on Big Love! Did you watch last night? I can't 'not' watch it. Bizarre.

And your socks are the bomb! Kishka was framed btw. Framed I say.

By Anonymous Rox, at April 10, 2006 4:46 PM  

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