Runs With Needles: Snowy Saturday

Runs With Needles

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Snowy Saturday

It was a wonderful lazy Saturday around here. I got up fairly early since someone was coming over to pick up a piece of furniture I listed on Freecycle. Then I took a three hour nap. It was the perfect day for napping: cold and snowy.

This evening I watched the new version of Little House on the Prairie (it was very good) and knitted. I worked on Zee Red Scarf and the Two Tone Pink Blanket. I don't have pictures, though. I was too lazy to take them. Next time, I promise.

Speaking of Little House, I know that I've mentioned that I'm a huge fan of both the books and the original TV series. So is my best friend, J. (We actually met on the playground, playing Little House.) J is traveling this weekend and unable to watch. I taped it for her tonight. I think we're both big dorks. :)

The dogs also got some time to run outside today while I worked on my car. I have a mouse problem with my car's air filter. The little bastards make nests in it and chew it to bits! So, I cut a piece of window screen and made (I hope) a mouse proof air filter. Wish me luck!

Pioggia, Rabbitch, Anne-Caroline, Kitt and Rebecca all stopped by and said hello.

Piogga enjoyed the dog article I linked to last time. Check out her blog. She's knitting a tree, yes a tree! It's very cool.

Rabbitch offered me some green cotton. I'm rather suspicous of this offer.....

Anne-Caroline question the name of this blog and wondered if I really knit and run. Two words, Anne-Caroline: hell no! :) I do not run. I hate running. I detest it with every cell in my body. When I was in high school I had a sadistic gym teacher who was a runner. She tried to convert us to running and I bitched about it every step of the way. Several years later I befriended a runner and he convinced me that it took 3 months to appreciate running and to get that 'runner's high'. I was stupid enough to believe him and was a runner for 3 months and one day. At that time I told him I was sure that the 'runner's high' comes from inhaling exhaust fumes and not from running. Ever since my running experiment (which was in 1994), I do not run. I might run if my house was on fire. But other than that? Nope. Not gonna do it.

Anne-Caroline: your comment link took me to a KAL blog. Do you have a personal blog? If so, let me know so I can check it out.

Kitt offered sympathy on my frog pond experience. Thank you!

Rebecca also swung by and complimented my furry monsters. (Thank you!) And good news, Rebecca and Kitt, I've stayed out of the frog pond! (And now I probably just jinxed myself......)

I'm heading back to the couch and my knitting. With luck, I'll finished Zee Red Scarf soon!

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I'm married to a runner but he's smart enough not to try to get me to run! I think I'm lucky he didn't start running until he was 41 (9 years ago) and knew better than to bug me about it.

By Blogger Sue, at March 27, 2005 4:56 PM  

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