Runs With Needles: Ah, a bonus day to the weekend!

Runs With Needles

Monday, February 21, 2005

Ah, a bonus day to the weekend!

Have I mentioned my love for three day weekends? I was actually up at a reasonable time this morning (8am) and had a leisurely day. I took a long, hot bath with Bob (as in Barker) while watching the Price is Right. Then this afternoon I enjoyed reading on my sun drenched couch and ended up falling asleep for a couple of hours. I spent the remainder of the day knitting and playing on the computer. (Note to self: next computer will be a laptop so I can knit and surf at the same time!).

Also this afternoon, I untwisted my circular needles. Here they are, drying over the curtain rod in my kitchen:

The first project I worked on today was the Apple Peacock Blanket and it's finished! Here it is, fresh off the needles:

I realize it's a bit small tiny and that's okay. I bought the yarn to test it out and now that I know I love it, I'll buy more skeins next time. Since this did turn out this size, it will be donated to a charity that gives blankets to preemie babies. The blanket is blocking right now, so final pictures will have to wait.

The other project I worked on was P's baby blanket:

I think I figured out why this project doesn't call to me like some other ones. I should have knit it on circular needles, so it's a bit of a pain to fit all the stiches on straight needles. I'm going to finish this blanket asap or else I know it will sit there forever.

Jane stopped by the blog today to inquire about the color yarn I used in my first scarf project. (To refresh your memory, it was this scarf:)

Jane is not the first person to ask me about what color this is, so I dug around online and discovered it is Red Heart Yarn, in the Girlie Girl color.

I also made a knitting decision today. I will not start a new project until P's blanket is finished! This will both motivate me to finish her blanket and also to keep my attention focused. (I have the attention span of a toddler.) I realized I need to stay focused when I almost made a huge mistake on the purple blanket. Instead of switching needles every 7 rows, I kept starting to switch them every 5 rows. The Apple Peacock blanket changed colors every 5 rows and apparently my brain can't handle more than one pattern at once.

In other news, it's back to work tomorrow and you know what that means.......less time to knit. :: sob :: I have got to get myself a Sugar Daddy or something. This working is for the birds! (I'm just kidding about the Sugar Daddy, by the way. It's just that work gets in the way of my life!)

Until next time, buy more yarn!!

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I love the variations of color and patterns you are doing for your blankets. The Apple Peacock Blanket is so fresh and full of spring!!! It makes me smile every time I see it!


By Blogger Ruinwen, at February 22, 2005 5:36 AM  

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