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Runs With Needles

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Nourishment for the soul

Have you ever noticed that you don't realize how much you miss someone until you see them?

As I mentioned earlier this week, my best friend was here this weekend. I have not seen J since June of 2003. I knew that I missed her, but didn't realize just how much I missed her until I spotted her in the airport. Even though I've lived in Colorado for eight years, it was just so wonderful to have a piece of 'home' here; someone who knew me 'back when'. And in 25 years of friendship, there have been a lot of 'back whens'! We do try to forget some of them, (the 80's mall hair and pinstriped jeans come to mind), but for the most part, my history with J is full of laughter.

J found out on Friday that she is having a boy. So, of course, we had to go shopping! We found several adorable outfits and some nursery items. We went out to eat and we talked. And talked. And talked. :)

Knitting content to return with the next post. Hopefully tomorrow night.

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OK, so haoy many baby blankets will she get?

I'm glad you got to see your friend again and that you had a great time.

By Blogger Pioggia, at May 10, 2005 8:39 PM  

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