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Monday, March 07, 2005

Back in the saddle again

I'm finally back in the land of cyberspace! I can't believe how much I missed the Internet. Kind of sad, really.

Since I was Internet-less over the weekend, I had a Little House on the Prairie marathon. I watched two DVD's (six hours) worth of Little House. Yowzers! That's a lot! I have to say, though, I still love the show.

Thank you to Pioggia, Amanda, and Melanie. They all wished me luck and told me to hurry back. Thanks, girls! :)

I had many visitors while I was away!

Leah sounds like she was just as excited to learn how to purl as I was. :)

Jane appears to have stolen my cat. Seriously, her Tiger looks just like my Parker!

Speaking of cats, blufelicia warned about the Code Enforcement group for cats. I think I'm in trouble.......

And, Rabbitch stopped by to compliment the kitties and to say hi. Check out Rabbitch's blog if you need a laugh. She's a riot!

On to knitting news.....

I started a new project!

I call this one....Zee Red Scarf. (For some reason, this scarf makes me talk in a bad French accent.) It is the first project where I have used something besides garter stitch. Very intimidating, but I think it's turning out! Since I started this scarf, my purling has gotten faster, so that's a good thing. However, my purl stitches are looser than my knit stitches. Anyone know how to fix that?

While I was reading blogs tonight, I came across a site about unraveling sweaters. I never would have thought of doing this! What a fantastic idea! I still have tons of sweaters from my life in the The Great White North that I haven't worn in years. I think I'll unravel some of them!

I bought two books over the weekend: Knitting For Dummies and Stitch 'N Bitch. When I checked Stitch 'N Bitch out of the library for the third time, I figured it was time to buy it. While browsing at the bookstore, I decided that Knitting For Dummies was worthy of my time, too. Both books have already been very helpful to me.

I have three dogs. I also have six dog beds. (You do the math.) Yet, the girls both have the same bed picked out as their favorite. It sits next to my computer desk and one of them is always there when I'm in the room. Here are two adorable shots I took this weekend:

It's good to be back online, but now I'm off to knit!!

4 comment(s):

Welcome back Kathy!
I just have to tell you I love the photos of your puppies! They are adorable!
As far as looser purls, it's vewy vewy common for them to be looser, as you become more experienced with them, they'll tighten up!

By Blogger Kitt, at March 07, 2005 9:54 PM  

Thank you for the kind comments. Your dogs are lovely and I'm so pleased to find another beginning knitter. I look at all of these blogs where people casually type "Oh, I made an Alice Starmore sweater before breakfast and then wrote three patterns and spun a sheep," and I'm going "um ... wtf? I made a dishcloth last week ..."

By Blogger Rabbitch, at March 08, 2005 1:49 AM  

My purls are looser too... I'm doing a little apron/halter top in a size 3T right now and I'm really hoping that after I wash it the stitches even out a little bit. Lesson learned: knitting in cotton shows all sorts of little inconsistencies like that :P

I'm LOVING that red scarf! That red is awesome.

I have The Complete Idiot's Guide to knitting (that's how I started learning actually)... is Knitting for Dummies worth the investment too? Not that I could buy it now. I really do have to lay off the knitty purchases until next month :
Have to add, I love Little House On the Prarie! I read all the books when I was little and I've been harassing my mother to send them to me for years.

Your puppies are PRECIOUS!

By Anonymous Leah, at March 09, 2005 6:33 AM  

It's good to see you're back, and alos that you're trying something else than garter stitch.

By Blogger Pioggia, at March 09, 2005 4:23 PM  

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