Runs With Needles: Four down, one to go.

Runs With Needles

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Four down, one to go.

Kish and square

Earlier this year, I bought the coolest thing: this screen hangs in the doorway, so I can leave the back door open and bugs don't move into the house. This screen has made my life so much easier: the dogs have free reign to go outside/come inside whenever they wish.

Occasionally, Max gets 'barky'* and when he does that, I have to take drastic action:

three stooges

The dreaded baby-gate-in-the-doorway trick.

If one of them sprouts an opposable thumb, I'm screwed.

* he goes outside and barks at everything: the wind, the leaves in the trees, EVERYTHING

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I LOVE the 4th square!!

Majc is the same way with the barking. the wind in the leaves make lots of noise huh?! and must save the world from the great squirrel invasion!! and hot air balloons are big trauma. way are on their path I guess. they fly over our yard a couple time a week.

This is a very long post :) Maybe I should get my own blog - hehe!!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at August 17, 2006 7:38 AM  

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