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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Yes, I am a lemming.

If knitbloggers start jumping off cliffs, I'm screwed. :)

100 Things About Me

1. I was born and raised in Northern Michigan.

2. It's an awesome place to be from, but I wouldn't want to live there again.

3. I declared my intent to "move West" when I was around 12 years old.

4. When I was 24, I pulled up stakes and landed in Colorado.

5. I can't imagine living anywhere else.

6. I intended to live in the mountains.

7. I ended up living on the plains.

8. I love the plains.

9. The view of the Rockies from my house doesn't hurt. :)

10. I've had the same best friend since 1980.

11. I think of her as my sister.

12. Another good friend of mine lives in Australia.

13. We've never met in person.

14. We were matched as pen pals in 1983.

15. My philosophy in life is 'live without regrets'.

16. That said, my biggest mistake in life was marrying my ex-husband.

17. I don't regret it, because I learned so much from that mistake.

18. But, if I had a 'do over', I wouldn't marry him again.

19. I probably wouldn't even go out with him.

20. Enough about Mr. Mistake, this list is about me, dammit!

21. I've always had a pet in my life, since the day I was born.

22. Right now, I have 3 dogs and 2 cats.

23. That's the carrying capacity of this house. I can't handle anymore!

24. Although, I would love to add another critter or two.

25. I love living alone.

26. However, I sometimes worry that I'm getting too set in my ways.

27. Like most people, I entertain occasional daydreams about winning the lottery and quitting my job.

28. There is so much I want to do with my life and work gets in the way.

29. I don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

30. I wash my car every six months. Whether it needs it or not.

31. I take very good care of the mechanical aspects of my car.

32. The appearance of the car? Not so much.

33. I have a B.S. degree in Wildlife Biology.

34. I work an office job in the business world.

35. Ugh. I hate that I sold out.

36. But it pays the bills.

37. I am not a girly girl.

38. I own just one dress/skirt.

39. It's my funeral outfit.

40. Thankfully, I haven't worn it often.

41. I hate change.

42. It can make me physically ill.

43. I had very long hair for most of my life.

44. In October 2004, I cut off 18" and gave it to Locks of Love.

45. I should have done it sooner.

46. I love short hair and look much better than I did with long hair.

47. In October 2003, I rolled my truck while driving 60 mph.

48. I walked away without a scratch.

49. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for teaching me to wear my seatbelt.

50. Back to the 'not a girly girl' for minute.

51. I don't wear jewelry.

52. My ears are double pieced, but I haven't worn earrings in years.

53. I don't own a watch.

54. I do wear a Medic Alert bracelet, but that's not really jewelry.

55. I'm very allergic to penicillin.

56. I had my gall bladder removed when I was 19.

57. I had a biopsy for melanoma when I was 30.

58. It was negative and scared the hell out of me.

59. I no longer leave the house without spf 30 sunscreen on all of my exposed skin.

60. I'd rather be pale than dead.

61. Before I rediscovered knitting, my obsession was reading.

62. I miss reading.

63. My goal is to learn to knit and read at the same time.

64. If/When I master this, I may never leave my house again.

65. I love the Harry Potter books.

66. But my favorite are the "Little House" books.

67. As a kid, I wanted to be Laura Ingalls.

68. As an adult, I sometimes think I was born a century too soon.

69. Then again, how would I survive without the internet?

70. I don't like shopping.

71. Except with my mom and my best friend.

72. I love to go out to eat.

73. I don't do it very often.

74. I'm not much of a cook.

75. But if I had the time, I would do a lot more of it.

76. I've traveled through much of the United States.

77. I've only left the States to go to Canada.

78. I was at Niagara Falls in 1985.

79. I went to Banff National Park (Alberta) in 2003.

80. I traveled to Banff alone and stayed for a week.

81. Some thought I was nuts, but I had a fantastic vacation.

82. I love, love, love thunderstorms.

83. I hate hot weather.

84. "Hot" is anything over 80 degrees.

85. I'm not a big fan of snow and cold anymore, either.

86. I hate humidity.

87. This is a big reason why I love Colorado. (No humidity and mild winters.)

88. "Melt With You" by Modern English just might be my favorite song of all time.

89. Although "Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini"by Rachmaninoff is a close second.

90. I love Beethoven.

91. His 9th symphony is another one of my favorite pieces of music.

92. Each time I listen to it, I am mesmerized.

93. I am a night owl.

94. In a perfect world, I would sleep from 3am to 11am.

95. In my world, I get up at 5am for work.

96. This makes me cranky.

97. I love to sleep.

98. But I rarely remember my dreams.

99. How the hell did I find 100 things about me?

100. Am I really this egotistical?

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I loved reading this!! heehee. I'm working on my 100 list but can't seem to get past 48.

Personally, you can have the plains. I love living right on the front range, about 5 minutes from the mountains.

By Blogger Meg, at July 04, 2005 12:15 PM  

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