Runs With Needles: Is there anything better than a long weekend?

Runs With Needles

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Is there anything better than a long weekend?

This afternoon I was kicked back on the couch, knitting and watching "Gone With The Wind". A thunderstorm rolled in and it was quite spectacular: crashing thunder, crackling lightning and heavy rain beating against the windows.

Now, me? I love thunderstorms. The dogs? Not so much.

When the storm rolled in they all kept shooting me these worried looks. Their faces seemed to say, "Um, Mom? You may not have noticed but we are quite certain that the sky is falling."

There was one very, very loud crash of thunder that was followed immediately by a very close lightning strike. Before I could check to see if I needed to change my undies, there was a dog sitting on me. Not on my lap, on my chest.

I won't incriminate the guilty party, *cough*Kishka*cough*, but it was one of the funniest things any of my dogs have ever done. I had to literally toss the dog, *cough*Kishka*cough*, off of me. She would not move!

All is calm now, though:

first green yellow blue sock

This sock is 60 stitches, heel on 30, toe knit to 6 stitches and 6" knit before the toe decreases. I must give huge thanks to Blogless MJ, Anne, Chery, and Linda for their assistance, input and tolerance of my minor (hah!) melodramatic moments. Special kudos to Anne, who calmly took my needles from me when I dropped stitches and fixed it for me. (I tend to kind of freak out when I drop stitches.)

The second sock will probably go on the needles tonight. I'm just about zeroed in on the perfect sock pattern for my feet. Once that's done, I'll start experimenting with different patterns.

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I am glad that you redid the sock - I know you will enjoy it now!!

Give Kishka a big hug from me!!

Blogless MJ

By Anonymous Anonymous, at July 02, 2006 9:54 PM  

Nice cock! I live the colors :)
Remember not to comfort a dog when they are scared of thunder, that just increases their fear and apprehensiveness. Behave as if nothing happens, heck take em on the leash and go outside ;)
My girl has developed a certain uneasyness of thunder after a lightning struck just a few yards from her. The boy couldn't care less what's going on as long as it doesn't take his food away....

By Anonymous Anonymous, at July 03, 2006 6:28 AM  

SOCK, I mean SOCK!!!!!
Jeeez, its too early and I just woke up!!
Sabine of course would say it has something to do with hubby being in Hongkong...LOL oh forgive me, stupid blogger no edit LOL....

By Blogger Maus, at July 03, 2006 6:29 AM  

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