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Runs With Needles

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Extreme Blog Makeover

Last night I sat down to tweak a couple of things in my sidebar.

Too many hours later, I revamped the entire thing.

Besides the obvious, I changed my sidebar around.

I added a Flickr badge of my finished projects. Every FO I've ever knit is in here. Along with yarn, needles and pattern details. The badge will also take you to my Flickr account. So, if you're looking for puppy pictures or cool weather pictures, you can find them there.

I also trimmed the number of blogs listed on my sidebar. I have 218 feeds in Bloglines. For my sidebar, I'm showing the ones that I read daily. I've also split out my knit group blogs. So, if you want to stalk us, it's a bit easier.

Finally, if you see something wonky, could you please let me know? I'm an html novice, so am pretty much flying by the seat of my pants. It all looks good to me, but I'm pretty bleary eyed from staring at this damn template!

I've got many things I need to post. I'm so behind! But, for today, I will be knitting. It's cold and windy. I've got the space heater cranked up and the DVD's ready, so I'm heading for the couch!

Update: Monday 11/14/05 8:15am
I just checked the blog from work, on Internet Explorer, and it appears that my sidebar is wonky in IE. I checked it at home in Firefox, Opera and Netscape and it looks fine. So, sorry to the IE users. Perhaps it's time to upgrade to a better browser. :)

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I love the new look! Though it's gonna take me a while to adjust to everything being on the left instead of the right.

::sigh:: I'm such a creature of habit...

By Blogger amandamonkey, at November 13, 2005 3:44 PM  

We missed you yesterday on the yarn crawl! You missed both Leisel and Anti driving the wrong way down a one way street, the String Fiasco, and Kyndra's shouts of "Chickens are expensive!"

I hope you got your crud taken care of.

Ok, my verification word sounds like a goofy laugh. beelehde!

By Blogger Crazy Colorado Knitter, at November 13, 2005 3:54 PM  

Hey, this looks fab. Nice work!

Thanks for leaving a shoutout of at my Flappr! map. I'm having so much fun with it. Total. Nerd.

By Blogger Bookish Wendy, at November 13, 2005 5:30 PM  

New look is slick :) Love that pattern in the side bar!!

By Blogger Maus, at November 14, 2005 5:47 AM  

I love the new look... but then again, purple and green are some of my favorite colors, so you had me with the color scheme.

No fair, Christy, for outing me on driving! In my defense... if it's a one way street, shouldn't there be some sort of sign about it... "no left turn" at the exit might've been nice. If it was there, it really needed to be more obvious at night, because none of us noticed it. And really, is one way appropriate for a 4 lane street named Broadway???

By Anonymous Leisel, at November 14, 2005 11:06 AM  

Hey, I outed both you *and* Anti on my blog, leisel. :D

It would've been nice to see a no left arrow or right turn only sign, though. Fricking Denver! No wonder I hate driving here! Bad signage, bad directions (North X street should run North-South, not East-West!), etc.

By Blogger Crazy Colorado Knitter, at November 14, 2005 1:16 PM  

Love the colors! I too will have to adjust to things being on the left - and I'll continue to be grateful to have you reading me...I really should trim my bloglines, but you'll ALWAYS be there!

By Blogger KnitNana, at November 16, 2005 12:51 PM  

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