Runs With Needles: Just let me go home to my knitting.

Runs With Needles

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Just let me go home to my knitting.

Whew. What a day. Work wasn't bad, just very, very busy. My morning was taken up with meetings and conference calls. What a waste! At least in a conference call, I can put them on 'mute' and continue working. Attending a meeting requires me to feign interest and stay awake. :)

I'm convinced that I'm losing brain cells by the minute. I stopped at Target on the way home to buy a picture frame. There were some sales going on, so I picked up some cleaning supplies, a candle, etc. etc. (You know how it is in walk in for one item and end up spending a hundred bucks.) I spent some time picking out the perfect frame (it's for a pic of my parents, so it must be just the right frame). I got home, was unpacking my purchases and there was no picture frame! That darn cashier didn't put my frame in the bag! I was getting all worked up because this meant stopping on the way home from work tomorrow and trying to convince them I didn't get my frame. I picked up the receipt to put it in my purse.


I never bought the picture frame. Somewhere between the picture frame aisle and the cashier, I must have set the frame down and forgotten it. Arrgggghhh!

I'm too young to be this senile.

By the time I got the animals and me fed, I was more than ready to zen out with my knitting. I worked on J's baby blanket (it's coming along so nicely and is amazingly soft) and the lavender ruffle blanket . I really like the pattern on the ruffle blanket. I'm definitely going to make another one.

I should be able to knit more this weekend than I did last weekend. I have no obligations this weekend, so will hopefully be able to finish J's baby blanket. I'm also taking Tuesday off from work (happy birthday to me!!!!) and plan to spend the day watching movies and knitting. I can't wait!

I will take pics of my knitting this weekend. My goal is to capture my knitting projects from the cast on to the finished product.

Until next time, happy knitting!!

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